“Our family is very appreciative of Kaylie.  She did an excellent job conducting a series
of oral interviews with our father to capture his experiences during WWII.  She approached
the project in a professional manner and her work was high quality.  She has an
unassuming and approachable style.  We are so grateful for this family legacy piece.
We highly recommend Kaylie!” – Ingrid W.

“Kaylie and her team worked with our health department to conduct an oral history on community gardens. Kaylie’s accessibility and professionalism were critical in her interviews with community members, allowing her to connect with each interviewee and create a comfortable space for the interview. The interview content, paired with Kaylie’s incredible technical skill as a videographer, delivered a product that continues to receive standing ovations from decision-makers and stakeholders in our community.” – Megan J.

“It was a delight to hear my father talk about his early life and to hear details we had been unaware of previously. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was pleased to remember and recount important aspects of his life. The sessions were relaxed and comfortable as a result of questions that were sensitively posed. And it is lovely to revisit these memories and share them with other members of the family through this wonderful record.” – Jackie A. B.

“Kaylie brought all three interviews together and told a wonderful story. She incorporated all revisions from Brad and ended up with a final work that far exceeded my expectations.” – Lacy M.